XCrusader Folklore


The King of the Romans was once a kind soul, his name was Marcellus, and he was younger than most other kings of the factions, therefore more impulsive and naïve. Long ago he fell for a young servant woman, it caused a scandal to spark across the court and many of his subjects didn’t agree with the match.

He loved her nonetheless and confided in her. But he found out she was a Conquistador spy who was using him to find out secrets in order to help the Conquistador’s dethrone him. In anger and heartbreak, he ordered her execution, and the Conquistadors and the Romans became bitter enemies.

Since then, despite the agreement made by the past Crusader kings, King Marcellus has held a hatred in his heart against the Conquistadors, secretly strengthening his faction in vengeance.

He secretly creates alliances with other factions, such as with the Spartans and the Knights Templar, in a deeply woven plot to wage war against the Conquistadors and break the Crusader agreement.

He has spread a message throughout other factions who wish to fight, that the Crusader agreement should be broken to make a new and better kingdom.

He is a strong potential ally, but if made an enemy, he will be hard to defeat.

The Samurai people are known to be an honourable faction who value respect and loyalty. The King Yasuo is a peaceful leader, his goal has always been to uphold the peace between the factions and keep the Crusader agreement strong.  

But long ago he used to be a ruthless fighter, using magic to aid him in defeating all his enemies before the Crusader agreement was struck. Unfortunately, his quest for glory got his family tragically killed, and he learned his lesson, shying away from any sign of conflict and making sure he makes no enemies.

When rumours started spreading about a war being waged, he immediately prepared defences and reunited with an old ally, the Mongols. They agreed upon a new alliance, settling that if in the face of war, they would support and fight as one. 

King Yasuo hides a hidden magic he hasn’t used since his family’s death; he keeps it alive in case there is an emergency. It is forbidden to use this sort of magic in the Samurai faction, as it classifies as dark magic, but if used to aid in defending themselves for war, the Samurai may just be untouchable.

The Persian Immortals have potent magic in their blood that allows most of them to be stronger and allow them to live far longer than most mortals. They are a deadly and powerful faction with their royal family having a long and magical lineage. Each one of royal blood carries a special ability and their king, Darian, is a prophet.

He foresees destruction for the future of all factions, but the future is not set in stone. He agrees upon an alliance with the Samurai people who hope to restore peace and uphold the Crusader agreement, and Darian believes the same. No more lives need to be lost.

But, since the rumours of war, many of the villages on the outskirts of his faction have been raided and even Darian cannot see, with his ability, who it was that caused the destruction. His family had been betrayed by other allies many times before and he was always taught never to trust every ally he makes. So, he strikes another secret alliance with the Ancient Egypt faction, who themselves have magic in their royal family.

The magic of their Egyptian gods and the sun god Ra runs deep in the Egyptian royal bloodline, a glimmer of gold within the red.

The Ancient Egyptian royal bloodline holds the hidden magic of the gods and therefore their faction poses a large threat to anyone who makes an enemy of them. Although they believe the Crusader agreement should be upheld, they also have a secret bloodlust that thirsts for power over the Immortal Kingdom.

The Ancient Egyptian pharaoh, Aten, holds the power of sunlight, blessed to him at birth by the sun god Ra. When he hears that the other factions have secretly been planning for war he immediately starts secretly plotting for his own battle against an ancient enemy, the Spartans.  

He tells none of his allies and instead prays to the gods who answer his prayers with an ability to use the sun’s magic to curse the Spartan faction. But curses have consequences, and while the Spartan king now lies in his grave, the king’s son knows exactly who caused his father’s death.

The old rivalry between the Ancient Egypt faction and the Spartans is reborn. Aten must suffer the consequences of his actions in the battle he began, and some of his people have become rebellious against him in protest to his misuse of a blessed power.

The Viking faction has been craving for a battle ever since the chief grudgingly agreed to the Crusader declaration of peace. The moment rumours sparked about the agreement being torn to pieces, Chieftain Erik struck a deal with the Knights Templar and started plotting for the murder of the king of the Conquistador faction.

Erik’s reason for this being when he was a youngling, the Conquistador king, Milagro, tried to invade the Viking faction, believing they were weak. During this time of crisis Erik’s wife sacrificed herself to the gods to aid the Viking faction, and from her sacrifice the gods gave the Erik a spark of Odin’s power, allowing him to win the battle and the Conquistador’s surrendered.

But Erik’s power came with a great price, and in vengeance he plots to dethrone the Conquistador king. His head has been clouded with grief ever since his wife died and he has not been able to find another wife since then.

His lack of heirs makes him a target, as there is no one who can take his place if he dies, and therefore whoever succeeds in invading his faction have the chance to take over it completely.


The Khan of the mongols, named Altan, had always been belittled by his father, believing that he would never be good enough. He was abused from childhood and his father was mysteriously assassinated the night the previous Khan killed his mother. In turn, Khan Altan has been waiting for an opportunity to prove his father wrong, holding an unquenchable hatred for him.

The Mongols faction has agreed to keep the peace and uphold their alliance with the Samurai. But the Khan of the Mongols – or the emperor – has secretly plotted against the factions, playing every opposing side. Khan Altan has begun a secret alliance with the Aztecs in the hopes that he will conquer and rule the Immortal Kingdom, but he knows full well the Aztecs plan on waging war against the Samurai.

He plans to betray everyone he has an alliance with, so he can of build his empire and expand it to the farthest reaches of the known world. His blood thirsty search for power makes him a force to be reckoned with, and to make an ally of him would be a risky choice, but to make an enemy of him would be even riskier.


The Knights Templar faction holds a grudge against the Conquistadors; therefore, it wasn’t a hard decision when they were presented with allies who wish to defeat King Milagro of the Conquistadors. Such as the Romans and the Vikings.

King Milagro was the reason many of the Knights Templar died, their people slaughtered in the streets when the Conquistadors tried to rule the Immortal Kingdom before the Crusader declaration of peace. The Conquistadors caused a lot if destruction before the Crusader agreement but, since the agreement, the Leader of the Knights Templar, Adler, has not been able to avenge the lives lost at the hands the Conquistadors.

Since the Roman King Marcellus came to Adler in a discreet meeting to propose an alliance with him against the King Milagro, Adler has prepared the other Templars in training, readying them for battle. Adler feels guilty for not being cautious in the past when the Conquistadors slaughtered so many of his people, he pins the blame on himself and hopes that revenge will somehow make him feel better about his mistakes and silence the overbearing guilt and nightmares.

But there is a part of him, that does not want more bloodshed. A part of him that wants to uphold peace between all factions. That part is overpowered by his need for revenge.

The Spartans have always called for bloodshed, they were born to fight, and they believe it’s what makes them worthy. The Spartan warrior king, Nicholas, was known to be loyal to his allies and made for a terrifying enemy, but he was willing to honour the Crusader agreement.

However, a curse was brought upon him, and he died. The touches of sun magic were found in his body and immediately the new King of the Spartan faction, Leonidas, knew it was the doing of the Ancient Egyptian faction. What was once a faction that upheld peace, became a faction willing to fight. Leonidas agreed to become allies with the Romans, preparing for a battle in vengeance.

And he declared the Ancient Egyptian faction, his enemy once more. Making it clear the Spartan faction no longer stood for the Crusader declaration of peace and sending a message to the world that he would fight until his last breath to avenge his father, whom the people loved and honoured.

The people of the faction stood with Leonidas’ message, and many began to pledge their lives to the Spartan troops, willing to fight in honour of their long-lost King, Nicholas the victory of the people.

King Milagro of the Conquistador faction is the faction’s most honoured king. Before the Crusader declaration of peace, King Milagro won many battles, coming a breath away from victory.

When the declaration of peace became an option, King Milagro took it as an opportunity to trick the rest of the factions into believing he would stop, knowing he had made many enemies from his attempt to rule the Immortal Kingdom. But his journey was not finished in his eyes, and he had not yet abandoned his climb to success.

He waited for the right time to strike, infiltrating numerous factions with his spies. His spies reported magic within every faction, and he plans to use this magic and bend it to his will. If he controls the magic of the factions, he controls the known world. He makes for a power ally, but to be his ally would be to take his many enemies.

King Milagro has an alliance with the Aztecs, who use sacrifices in order to grow their power and their faction. The Aztecs taught the Conquistadors how to use their sacrificial spells in order to aid them in the war that is creeping closer and closer, threatening to emerge from the shadows.

But the magic is dark, dangerous and may come with many consequences.

The Aztecs have built their empire on dark magic. In most factions, dark magic is looked down upon, but they have used it to conquer their enemies in the past and make them unstoppable. In turn it has made them feared.

Through human sacrifices, the Aztec Tlatoani, Eztli, plans on ruling the Immortal Kingdom, collaborating with the Conquistadors and the Mongols.

Eztli has plans to wage war against the Samurai faction, believing them to be too weak to fight against the potent magic of the Aztecs. When they have succeeded, he will use King Yasuo of the Samurai as a major sacrifice to the gods.

A sacrifice as big as the King’s would give Eztli and his faction a treacherous power that would change the world and make him the most powerful leader of all the factions. If he manages to succeed that is.

But, using blood magic has a high consequence, and balance is demanding to be made. Eztli has had to sacrifice many things that mean deeply to him in this journey, he has lost children and lovers and he isn’t so certain how much more he is willing to lose.

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